Healing Energy Jewelry Hand Crafted by Your Fellow Light Beings


$133.30 $99.90

The Angelic Warrior is the 2017 model of our popular Warrior bracelet. Men and Women all over the planet have been boasting about the strength boosting and protecting effects of this current since 2011, and now we have revamped the frequency by improving the quality of some of the crystals and adding Angel Quartz and Aqua Aura for the angelic shield and higher consciousness connections. If you are not sure what to get someone for a gift this is a great place to start!

Crystal Included:

Bronzite: Protects the wearer from negative thought forms and repels all negativity back to where it came from 

Gold Rutile: Very strong amplifier, gold is said to connect to the sun which gives strength and energy even on a rainy day

Shungite: Gemstone proven to purify water, said to heal the body and joints which assists with physically activity and exercise

Citrine: Gives the wearer more power, Carries the power of the sun, promotes action and positive energy, can not hold negativity

Pyrite: Blends all crystals together, shields from negativity, protects from physical danger, blocks energy leaks 

Black Tourmaline Rutile: Blocks psychic attack, transmutes negativity, aids in removal of negative energy and boosting light

Angel Quartz: Activates the 8th to the 14th Chakra, connects one to the Angelic Realm and their guardian angels

Aqua Aura: Boosts the immune system function, repairs holes in auric field and allows desires to manifest easier