Healing Energy Jewelry Hand Crafted by Your Fellow Light Beings

    $188.80 $122.20

    Welcome to Crystal Current 3.0! The Pleiadian Bombshell was a spiritual download that Alexander received that will allow the wearer to more easily access Pleiadian energies that some consider your "Guardian Angel". These beads were treated by heating up the clear quartz to 1000 degrees and precious metals have been molecularly attached to the atom of the quartz.  This alchemy changes the properties of the clear quartz and helps the wearer activate the angelic shield, repair holes in their aura, activate and heal the inner child, more easily allow the higher self to send messages, and activate from the first to the fourteenth chakra.  That's right! We said up to the 14th Chakra! Available by request with round beads instead of skulls. ~

    Precious metals combined include: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bismuth, and Titanium.

    Gemstones used to create these beauties are: Aqua Aura, Angel Quartz, Champagne Quartz, Rose Aura, Shungite, and Flame Aura Hematite.