Healing Energy Jewelry Hand Crafted by Your Fellow Light Beings


$166.60 $122.20

Rion's Light Warrior Pro Premium was hand built with all of the crystals and gemstones that he prefers on a day to basis.

"A flame that burns uncontrollably will ultimately burn itself out, but a tempered flame can create the sharpest blade in the universe." , Rion Orion

Tigers Eye Skull - Fires the first 3 chakras and gives strength and power

Aqua Aura - Combines gold and quartz on a molecular level. By far the best crystal for induction.

Blue Kyanite - Removes any negativity from the bracelet and never needs to be recharged or cleared.

Sea Sediment - A deep spiritual connection because comes from the bottom of the ocean.

Bronzite - Sends any negativity back to the sender three fold. Only to be used with highest intent!

Lapis Lazuli Skull - Fires the top three chakras. World renowned for third eye opening abilities.

Larimar - Edgar Cayce predicted the discovery of this gem and said it fosters the energy of the new age.

Tourmaline Rutile in Quartz - Adds all of the metaphysical properties of quartz and black tourmaline.

Shungite - The Team Light favorite, Purifies water 99.99%, Absorbs harmful EMF from cell phones, microwaves, computers, WiFi , Automobiles, etc.