Healing Energy Jewelry Hand Crafted by Your Fellow Light Beings
  • Signature Necklace

    $288.80 $222.20

    Also known as the Kitchen Sink Necklace. These beauties are hand crafted using over FIFTY different gemstones. Just like a snowflake each one is different, and we love to make these to order. Each necklace comes with your choice of two hand carved beads, (see picture below). Just a short list of what this necklace will help you with is aligning and activating the chakras, fires the pineal and pituitary glands. Increases health of joints and helps with arthritis. Boosts strength, breath control, balance, shielding, good luck, memory, protection of energy, enhances meditative state, calming, appetite control, boosts immune system, removal of fears, dream state, dream recall, intuition, astral travel, help with romance and depression. It also absorbs electromagnetic energy from wifi, microwaves, and cell phones, and of course it is very healing and will add energy!  

    After you complete checkout, in the additional comments section request which two styles of hand carved beads you prefer on your necklace. Or Alexander will intuitively choose them out of the wide variety of crystal and gemstone varieties. Feel free to request a call back or email to go over options. Thank you!

    Send any questions to support@crystalcurrent.com