About Us

All Crystal Current products combine science with spiritual principles to create one-of-a-kind, handcrafted energy jewelry tools. By aligning a current of magnetic hematite with quartz crystal, we create an electromagnetic field around your body that energizes and promotes healing.

Alexander had a vision in 2009 of magnets pulling towards each other or pushing each other away. When they are properly aligned pulling towards each other and quartz crystals are placed in between the magnets, it creates an electromagnetic field that amplifies the microtesla of the magnetic hematite from 450 up to 5,000 microtesla! This process is known as piezoelectricity and was later told that this is how jewelry was built during Atlantean times.

About Alexander

Alexander Mazzone is a certified 6th generation Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, and Tarot Master based in Sedona, Arizona.

Crystal Current LLC was created while Alexander was based in Rhode Island and a personal fitness trainer. Some of his first pieces were gifted and worn by his fitness clients with noticible improvements to their energy, strength, motivation, and overall well-being. 

After years of personal spiritual development, business growth through magnetic and crystal technology, and client success stories, you can find Crystal Current worn throughout the world.

Alexander continues to push the boundaries through developing new Crystal Current products because of his passion for transformation. The reward is witnessing the positive shifts his clients experience from bringing in new abundance, aligning with their soul path, managing long-term health concerns, and a newfound state of empowerment to create their highest reality through understanding of the Self.

On his journey of learning metaphysical science

he has learned advanced Tarot and Numerology from his Master Level Teacher, Constance Oulette from Bristol, Rhode Island. He also learned the Shamanic Practice of ‘Soul Retrieval’. It brings him great joy to use his spiritual gifts to reintroduce people to their true potential and to facilitate the awakening of the masses.

We Make Powerful Spiritual Tools.

Harvard and Time magazine have reported extensive studies on the healing power of magnets. While the other energy tool jewelers have helped folks using a single magnet, we amplify the energizing and healing properties by having a complete electrical current with quartz crystal.

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