Angelic Activation


The Angelic Activation is the great culmination of years of testing and research from Crystal Current. Using Scientific and Metaphysical properties this energy tool is packed with Crystal Current exclusives!

First off is the new Sericite Rutile, when examined with a microscope under cross polarized light the structure of this gemstone is like a beautiful stained glass window! (Picture Included) High angelic communication led to the download of using glow in the dark fluorite (which many believe to be the glowing Chinatmani stone the Buddha holds) to energetically create this effect with the help of the bodies auric field. There is high grade Amethyst for the calming and activating effects and Lepidolite which mystics believe to activate dormant DNA! Last but not least is the Angel Aura Chalcedony for throat chakra activation and for assisting in upper dimensional communication for the wearer.

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