Super Charged Ganesha


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This Ganesha Statue was sealed in a vacuum chamber, heated to 1600 degrees, and molecularly bonded with Gold and Bismuth.  When this process called vapor deposition takes place, it changes the metaphysical properties of the crystal.  This two tone treatment blends the metaphysical properties of Aqua Aura and Champagne Aura, which helps Ganesha, help you overcome obstacles even easier. The reason why is because Aqua Aura helps with manifestation and Champagne Aura helps with Higher Self and Spirit Integrations, and the result of the blending of the two in one helps the Ascended Master change physical reality in a positive manner. This statue is three inches tall and is as absolutely stunning as it is powerful.


An excellent gift for anyone starting a new business, because many believe that it is impossible for a business to fail if a Ganesha Statue is present!