Archangel Gabriel


Finally, the long awaited Crystal Current Archangel lineup has arrived! People have been requesting the proper arrangement of crystals for the strongest possible energetic match for these archetypes since the beginning of the company in 2010! This energy tool calls in the energy of Archangel Gabriel, which translates to the strength of God. The angel of water, helps balance the emotions and subconscious affects of astrological energies with ease and grace. Gabriel’s bracelet can be worn any day but has extra power when worn on the day of Monday.

Gemstones Used:

Chalcedony – Makes it easier for the wearer to have a more spiritual reality in their waking life. Activates the throat chakra and enhances spiritual communication.

Aquamarine – By far the strongest connection to the ocean from the gemstone kingdom. Inspires truth and evokes the purity of the crystalline waters of Gaia. Keeps the waters of the body calm during times of astrological challenges through the help of Gabriel.

Moonstone – Improves confidence while balancing emotions to help the wearer find internal peace, harmony, and balance. Works hand in hand with the Aquamarine for the strongest combination of astrological balancing energies.

Blue Moonstone (Cat Eye) – Cat Eye Moonstone that has been molecularly bonded with 24k Gold Aqua Aura treatment. We created this crystal current exclusive gemstone to further amplify the powers of the Cat Eye which is said to detach negative entities. By combining this gemstone with this treatment it will ensure the removal of negative energies due to emotional traumas or anxiety.

Angel Aura Skull (Round Bead Available) – Activates from the 1st to the 14th chakras and is the necessary frequency to access Archangel Gabriel and the court of all the Seraphim.

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Gemstones Used:

Angel Aura Seraphinite – When combining the Angel Aura Platinum and Silver molecular bonding process to the Green Seraphinite the wearer has the opportunity to do the work necessary to activate their 6 winged Seraphim light body with the assistance of their upper dimensional Pleiadian Archetype. This creates an energetic energy that flexes a torus of light in front of and behind the vessel to further protect and enhance the wearers energy.

Chalcedony Angel Aura – Enhances psychic hearing and Angelic Communication by bonding the Platinum and Silver Angel Aura to the baby blue 5th Chakra throat crystal known as Chalcedony. This treatment process turns the crystal to a gorgeous rainbow white color that is stimulating to the field of the wearer and anyone who gazes into its color spectrum.

Charoite Angel Aura – Charoite is said by mystics to heal past lifetimes on earth but when combined with the Angel Aura this alchemy will open up for the opportunity to heal past lifetimes from the Pleiadian Star System all while increasing the energy of your higher self through this healing process across time and space.

Charoite Tanzanite Aura – Working in tandem with the Angel Aura Charoite, This brand new crystal alchemy is a powerful energy tool that will help to heal all timelines and lifetimes across time and space. Alexander channeled his eleventh dimensional Pleiadian aspect who told him that they agreed to help all in the field of these energy tools if they were open to the frequency.

Star Aqua Aura – 24 Karat gold has been molecularly bonded to a 9A six point star Rose Quartz Light fractal that can be seen when a light passes through the crystal. The subtle pink color is transformed to a beautiful baby blue and this is the frequency that creates the taurus for the alchemy of this energy tool to even be possible.

It goes without saying that this is a Crystal Current exclusive and it is available for upgrades with 925 Sterling Silver Lions (The Cherubim Palanquin), 925 Sterling Silver Skulls (The Palanquin 2.0), or feel free to click the add some skulls button to add some Chalcedony Angel Aura crystal skulls to the round bead version Angelic Upgrade!

It brings Alexander and the Crystal Current team great pleasure to be creating these ultra powerful energy tools by hand for Team Light and our galactic soul family with love in light in Sedona Arizona! Thank you!!!

-Bracelet Size: Regular or Large
-Possible Upgrades (Optional): 925 Sterling Silver Lions ($333.30), 925 Sterling Silver Skulls ($333.30), Chalcedony Angel Aura Skull ($22.20)

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