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The newest addition to the Crystal Current Archangel Line up! The eagerly awaited Metatron Bracelet is finally here! As you look at the beautiful design you will notice four squares and what Metatron transmitted during the download for this energy tool is that when four squares are combined the four walls automatically make enough axis points to enclose space. This enclosed space is what this Seraphim level Archangel required for this energy tool to access the dimensions where this piece can be utilized. The stories tell of Enoch who is the only know human being to physically go through the ascension process of upgrading to the level of Archangel while on the physical plane. There are years worth of future downloads from wearing this magickal energy tool and we are very excited to hear all the information the Crystal Current family has to share with us from working with this powerful field!

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Gemstones Used:

-Bloodstone (Skull Bead) – Helps to remove fear blockages from the Root Chakra and create a safe environment for the wearer to access the high vibration of this Archangel.

-Dragon shield (Skull Bead) – The popular treatment process of Half Aqua Aura half Angel Aura for upper chakra activation and repairing holes in the wearers auric field combined with Cherry Quartz. The Red color in the natural quartz crystal before treatment process is inclusions of cinnabar, which is said to be energetically connected to the Dragons which are in close relation to the Seraphim frequency when Angel Auraed. The definition of Seraphim is serpent of fire. Another Crystal Current exclusive.

-Elven Stone – Powerful gemstone exclusive to Crystal Current Jewelry.  A mixture of iron, titanium, and chrysanthemum. Helps the wearer get in touch with Elven higher selves and their culture.

-Green Aventurine Angel – Platinum and Silver molecularly bonded to Aventurine. Green Aventurine has long been said to promote healing and to prevent energy vampires from draining empaths, and this treatment process creates a more powerful version of this gemstone by energetic connection to the assistance from the Angel Realm.

-Hypersthene -A crystal found inside of meteorites, speeds up information from spiritual realms, the gemstone of boundless opportunity.

-Rose Quartz (Skull Bead) – Helps create a happy home life and loving vibration for the wearer which stimulates the heart field to access the higher realms of information.

-Sodalite Angel – This all new Crystal Current exclusive was a special request from Metatron to properly create this energy tool. This form of Sodalite is said to help with speaking and living in truth, calming the nerves to avoid panic attacks, all while enhancing rational thought processes.

-Tigers eye angel (Skull Bead) – Highest grade tigers eye molecularly bonded with platinum and silver. This crystal is an alchemy designed for shielding and ascension of your Lyran and Angelic versions.

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