Archangel Uriel


Archangel Uriel is known as the Flame of God, He resides in the north position and is the guiding light for all but works especially close with those who are in service to others. The flame of god will help the wearer with transmutation of things that are no longer serving them, guidance along their path, combating seasonal depression, balancing sexual energies, all while enhancing focus, determination, courage, and trust. Also should be considered an artists favorite because he also assists in creation of all forms of art.

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Gemstones Used: 
Sunset Aura – Four clear quartz skulls or roses made of natural clear quartz that has been molecularly bonded with copper, platinum, and silver. Activates all Chakras and creates the gateway in tandem with the golden rutile to access the guidance and energy of this high level Seraphim.
Tigers Eye – Two high grade tigers eye beads to represent the Eye of the Tiger. These beads enhance the connection to the sun and connect the energy of the first second and third chakra with a ground. 
Golden Rutile – The gold needles immortalized in quartz were required to cut through anything that could be blocking the access to the 21st Chakra which is the ground floor for the Seraphim. 

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