Galactic Protocol


This all new Crystal Current exclusive is a physical representation of a download on Galactic Protocol for this present moment and humanities future. There are two Angel Aura rose beads that vibrate at the number forty four (because each rose equals twenty two due to the average number of petals) These represent the Pleiadian Starseeds and the choir of Seraphim. Two pieces of Merlinite that have been bonded molecularly with rose gold will also be on each energy tool to call in Ashtar Command. Three pieces of Hypersthene have been specifically aligned in a triangle because this gemstone offers cosmic protection and is found in iron meteorites that have landed from the cosmos. Through the past few years of working with this crystal a strong connection to the 4th dimension has been discovered. Last but not least there is a gorgeous white fire opal which is considered by many a gemstone of magical powers. This crystal is believed to protect from contagious diseases, improve sight, and ease pain that originates from grief and sorrow. When all of these crystals become one by being properly aligned in an electromagnetic field, a multidimensional stream can be accessed by the wearer to receive information from the benevolent galactic teams of the Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Syrians, Lyrans, and many others. There will be an opportunity for more downloads from guides and spirit, accepting things how they are through trust, and a boost to the stubborn optimism thought process that will benefit all.
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