Health & Wealth 2.0


The Health and Wealth 2.0 bracelet is a combination of the Health and Wellness and the Manifestation and Abundance jewelries dating as far back as 2011 collections of Crystal Current.  This current has Aqua Aura and Angel Aura crystals which are created by a process called vapour deposition. Clear quartz is placed in a vacuum chamber and 24 karat gold, platinum, and Silver are molecularly attached to the atoms of the quartz.  When these crystals are placed in the electromagnetic field of properly aligned magnetic hematite beads in our Crystal Current energy bracelet technology, the conductivity is drastically improved because these metals are the best conductors of electricity. This ultra powerful current then courses through the Shungite beads which have been proven to purify water while absorbing and dispelling harmful energies from cell phones, wifi, computers, microwaves and much more.  Three Chemists won Nobel Prize in 1997 for discovering the powerful molecule found in this gemstone and the Russian military carried it on the battlefield to purify their drinking water for hundreds of years. Since the human body is up to 75% water, Crystal Current has collected 100s of written healing testimonial and many were from complete skeptics, doctors, scientists, and engineers!

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Gemstones Used:

-Aqua Aura: Boosts physical and spiritual abundance, more manifesting power for the wearer, promotes strong immune system. When combined with Angel Aura repairs holes or tears in the Aura.

-Angel Aura – Activates the upper Chakras from 8 and up. Connects the wearer to the angelic realm and enhances connection to ones spiritual med team, guides, and guardian angels.

-Shungite – Purifies water, absorbs harmful electromagnetic energy, Helps the wearer detox and purify the body to activate 3rd eye.


*Crystal Current energy tools should not be used to treat an illness or heal an injury and should not be worn with any internal medical device.

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