Pleiadian Rose


One of our most popular energy tools is back again and better than ever! The Pleiadian Bombshell aka the Pleiadian Rose is once again available in limited supply with quartz carved roses or crystal skulls that are molecularly bonded with eight different precious metals! When this crystal alchemy takes place and the metaphysical properties of these beautiful gems are combined in an electrical circuit of magnetic hematite each pair works in tandem to have other wondrous effects like repairing holes in the auric field and creating a safe environment to speak your truth and call in the inner child to stay. Enjoy!!!

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Gemstones Used:

Angel Quartz (Skull Available) – Activates the 8th to the 14th Chakra, connects one to the Angelic Realm and their guardian angels.

Aqua Aura (Skull Available) – Boosts physical and spiritual abundance, more manifesting power for the wearer, promotes a strong immune system.

Champagne Angel Aura (Skull Available) – When worn close to the body it is said that Higher Selves can more easily communicate with the wearer. Also, helps with Channelling the Ascended Masters.

Rose Aura (Skull Available) – Helps the wearer heal their inner child and heal childhood traumas and abuse.

Shungite – This gemstone is proven to purify water, said to heal the body and joints which will assist with physical activity and exercise.

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