Slip Stream Gauntlets


This two bracelet set is most definitely on the list of the most powerful creations we have made to date! With this new download energy is pulled in to one bracelet on the in side of the body and uses quantum entanglement to disperse all energy out of the opposite side of the body through the hands! An empaths dream come true, the ability to feel energy with out having it effect the chakras or organs of the body!!!


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So here is how they work, Jet is a fossilized gemstone made of wood under years of massive amounts of pressure. If you picture a tree in your minds eye for a moment you will notice that it has the shape of the torus and displays the in and out shape with its roots and branches. When Jet is placed with 9A Star Rose Quartz bonded with the 24k gold Aqua Aura treatment a field is created to surround the tree and amplify the electrical current of the magnetized hematite. With the Merlinite, Healers Gold, and Magnetic Lapis the magick of Merlin is manifested to ensure the accuracy of your new energy tools. Golden Obsidian bonded with the Angel Aura platinum and silver creates a galactic angelic vibration that will prevent others from pressing their agenda upon you while amplifying the desired connection to the endless void of space and her black wholes. Last but not least Shungite for its potential healing effects and protections from harmful Electro Magnetic energies around the wearer.

In celebration of our Customer Appreciation month this two piece set will be only 222 until November 1st! An excellent gift for any healer, empath, someone who works with the public or who is in the public school system! Kids size coming soon!

-Bracelet Size: Regular or Large
-Hematite Color: Silver or Gold
-Anklet Upgrade: 4 Piece Anklet Superset (+$222.20)

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Bracelet Size

Regular, Large

Hematite Color

Silver, Gold