St. Germaine


The St. Germaine AKA The Violet Fire could not have the Crystal Current team more excited. This energy tool is available in bracelet or anklet and was a special download that Alexander received that is made to be worn on the right side of the body to heal past lifetimes and transmute karma to dharma for everyone you come in contact with. The reason why it is better to give than to receive is because when we give energetically we get back the energy ten fold if our intention is for the collective instead of just personal gain. Wear this energy tool if you are looking to be energized during healing sessions if you notice that you feel drained after Reiki, IET, Soul Retrieval, etc. Wear this energy tool if you know there is a past lifetime or karma that you want healed, and last but not least, wear this energy tool to get in touch with your inner wizard.
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Gemstones Used: Violet Flame Opal, Chartoite, Amethyst, Healers Gold, Magnetic Lapis Lazuli, and Merlinite.

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