Star Garnet Amplifier


Star Garnet is the highest grade of Garnet and when any bright light is cast upon the crystals you will be able to see a clearly visible six point star shape on every bead in this powerful amplifier bracelet. Star Garnet is by far the best gemstone for a feeling of safety, grounding the base chakra, enhancing vitality, and is a Crystal Current favorite because it properly aligns and connects the energy of the root chakra to the crown. This makes an excellent connection for the higher up chakras and creates a safe place for the spiritually gifted to get their work done and find their life purpose. These Star Garnet beads are the rarest of the rare and they are such high grade they are actually translucent. Any form of Star Garnet beads are rare but these incredibly limited supply seem to glow when light is cast upon them. This amplifier bracelet can be worn alone or with any other Crystal Current energy tool.
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