The Blue Avian is unlike any energy tool Crystal Current has ever created.  Alexander received numerous downloads after the great solar eclipse about the application and usage of the element of Plasma.  Call in the blue electrical fire energy in your etheric and astral fields and you will feel more powerful than ever before. (Only to be used with the highest intent of love in light!)

  • Amazonite - Adds the (safe) radioactive frequency that is needed to start the plasma flow. 
  • Aqua Aura - Boosts the electrical current of the energy tool to the proper speed for energy flow desired.
  • Star Angel Aura - Creates the plasma vortex to pull the endless supply of energy to the wearer. 
  • Tanzanite Skull - Bonded with Iridium which is connected to the dark matter web that binds all things.

If you would like proper training on how to use this bracelet request a session with Alexander through the contact us button.