This energy tool was created to help you work your Magick! This is a download from the Hyadean star system or what some call our Elven higher selves.  The large pale green bead is a Fluorite Fox Marble that glows in the dark! This allows the wearer to store energy and release it when needed. There are also two Aqua Shadow Quartz (a Crystal Current exclusive) which were created by bonding the 24KT gold aqua aura treatment to a smokey quartz.

Gemstones Used:
  • Aqua Shadow Quartz - Clears any blockages with abundance and creates a loving vibration to feel worthy of your power.
  • Elven Stone - Powerful gemstone exclusive to Crystal Current Jewelry.  A mixture of iron titanium and chrysanthemum. Helps the wearer get in touch with Elven higher selves and their culture.
  • Fluorite Fox Marble - Naturally phosphorescent gemstone that stores energy to be used when needed. 
  • Rutilated Green Tourmaline - Most powerful natural crystal for activation of the heart chakra and can become electrically charged by heat or pressure.
  • Shadow Aura: Most powerful crystal for removal of negative energies, assists the wearer in activating Christ Consciousness. Created by Crystal Current, This powerful crystal is made by bonding Smokey Quartz with the Angel Aura treatment of platinum and silver. Uses include help with shadow integration, healing the issues that your subconscious tries to hide, and dispels negativity second to none.