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Over a year before Alexander received the download on how to create the Atlantean Technology known as Crystal Current that so many of you have grown to love and feel the powerful effects of every day, This bracelet was seen on the wrist of a good friend in dream state. It took over eight years to build the resources and learn of the technology necessary to create this Ultra exclusive Crystal Current energy tool. Wear The Prophecy to shield you from Emf, Help you detox, Help you heal, and connect to the endless supply of energy known as Vishnu's Web. (aka dark matter) For any of you new to the term dark matter this is the endless supply of energy that quantum physicists believe is the energy that connects all things.

"The All is in the All."

Gemstones Used: 24K Gold plated Skulls (copper), Tanzanite Skulls, Shungite, and Galactic Purple Hematite. (Available in gunmetal too)