“…after a few days of wearing the bracelet I realized that my shoulder pain was so improved!”


“Within 12 hours of wearing the bracelet I felt much more physically grounded.”


“It is a magic bracelet”


“Two days after I sent my mom the bracelet I purchased from you…the swelling in her knuckles started to dramatically decrease”


“Happy with my swelling going down on my wrist. Is this bracelet possibly responsible for my knee feeling better also?


“My wrists are becoming stronger, I became more grounded, and I feel more in flow.”


“I was so impressed and amazed by the changes I found in my physical and mental self after wearing the bracelet for only a few days and then a few months”


“When I first got my signature necklace and Chakra Bracelet I would instantly feel the effect it had on my back pain”


“Seriously, Alexander. I have funky jewelry. I have sentimental pieces, too. This???? This?! Magic”


“I was very fearful of the dark and extremely anxious. I was not a believer at first. I put the bracelet on.. My fear and anxiety disappeared. Thank you!”


“I’ve been wearing a necklace and two bracelets for about two months now and let me tell you, these amazing products do not disappoint!”


“I bought two bracelets, one for me and one for my husband who suffers from depression and fatigue…after just 3 days he is more energetic and his mood seems to be elevated”


“This just in from my best friend…’Hi Love! I’m so reveling in our Saturday and this bracelet…omg so powerful! I’m obsessed and so grateful!”

Star & Friend

“I can really notice the difference within myself when I am wearing it”