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If you buy any 3 bracelets, anklets, or energy tools on the site you will get one free of the average amount of the three pieces.

Examples: If you buy 3 at 111$ you will get one free at 111$. If you buy one at 333$ one at 222$ and one at 111$ you will get a free 222$ bracelet!

If you buy any 5 and you will get 3 free (Best Value!) You will get the highest cost, middle cost, and lowest cost for free. Examples: If you buy 5 at 111$ you will get 3 free at 111$. If you buy 1 at 444$, 2 at 222$ and 2 at 111$ you will get one free at 444$ one free at 222$ and one free at 111$.

If you have any questions on this while supplies last yearly sale please contact Alexander through the contact us form and feel free to leave a number to have him call you or someone will email you back right away to explain the sale and you can confirm what you are getting for free. Thank you so much for all of your years of support and I love and appreciate you all so much!

Crystal Current

Luxury hand-crafted electromagnetic energy jewelry from Sedona, Arizona. Alexander Mazzone utilizes Crystal Alchemy to develop exclusive, never-seen-before gemstones through multiple laboratory processes bonding metal to crystal which changes the molecular structure. These crystals are used as amplifiers and conductors of piezoelectricity created through the use of aligned magnets. Crystal Current presents tried and true energy tools for body, mind, and soul transformation.

Featured Products


All Crystal Current products combine science with spiritual principles to create handcrafted energy jewelry tools. By carefully aligning a current of magnetic hematite with quartz crystal, we create an electromagnetic field around your body that will energize and help you heal. While other energy jewelers often use a single magnet, we amplify the energizing and healing properties of magnets by having a complete electrical current with activated quartz crystal. Harvard and Time magazine have reported extensive studies on the healing power of magnets, and we are proud to offer this tested technology throughout our products.

The Power of Shungite

In 1996, three professors were awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of fullerene – a molecule expressing unique absorbing and detoxifying qualities found in high amounts in Shungite. This mineral has been proven to purify water and absorb harmful EMF. Being over 2 billion years old, it is the oldest form of carbon known to science. Since Shungite appeared on Earth before any organic matter existed, it is pure and free from inclusions. Thanks to it’s unique molecular structure, Shungite is a thousand times more powerful in detoxifying water compared to activated charcoal. Crystal Current has collected hundreds of testimonials with activated Shungite inside our hand built electromagnetic energy tools to promote health and well being because our body is up to 75% water!

Angelic Upgrade

The Angelic Upgrade: Crystal Current’s most powerful alchemical energy tool yet. Get your upgrade in 2019 to be the most powerful version of yourself.; as above, so below, as within, so without.

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